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By Ishan Jindal
March 24, 2023

Creating a new campaign is a streamlined process: start by setting up the essentials, detailing your brand and goals, and defining your rewards plan. You can save your progress anytime. After reviewing all details and ensuring they align with your strategy, submit the campaign for approval. Post-approval, edits aren’t possible, so thoroughness at each step is key for a successful launch.

To create a new campaign, follow these steps:

  • Click on "Post Campaign" to start a new campaign.

  • Complete the three main sections:

    1. Campaign Setup

    2. Detailing Your Campaign

    3. Rewards & Progress Plan

    Note: Click on the "Save Draft" button at any time during the campaign creation process to save your progress. This allows you to return later, edit the draft, and continue working on your campaign until it's ready to be posted.

  • Preview & Submission of Campaign:

    Before finalising your influencer marketing campaign, it's crucial to review all the details to ensure accuracy and completeness. This step is integral for the smooth execution of the campaign.

    • Preview Campaign Details: Verify the campaign name, objective, chosen platform, and deliverables to confirm they align with your marketing strategy.

    • Review Payouts and Links: Ensure that the payout types and product links are correct and that they meet your budget and marketing goals.

    • Check Dates: Confirm the promotion start and end dates to align with your campaign timeline.

    • Submit for Approval: Once all details are reviewed and confirmed, submit your campaign for approval to go live.

  • Review and approval process: Once posted, our team reviews your campaign within 24 hours for approval. If any clarification is required, our team will contact you to ensure all details are accurate before making the campaign live.

Note: You can edit your campaign only until it's approved. Once the campaign goes live, no changes can be made. This is to ensure consistency and clarity for both brands and influencers throughout the duration of the campaign.

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