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Detailing Your Campaign

By Ishan Jindal
March 24, 2023

In this section of "Detailing Your Campaign", you’re invited to convey the essence of your brand and its marketing mission. Begin by providing the essential brand details, articulate your promotional goals, and attach a detailed campaign brief. This step is vital for painting a comprehensive picture of what your campaign entails and what you aim to achieve.

  • Brand Details: Enter the name of your brand and any key information that highlights what your brand represents. This could include your mission statement, the values your brand stands for, or a brief history.

  • Promotional Goals: Outline what you aim to achieve with this campaign. Be specific—whether it's increasing engagement, launching a new line of products, or driving traffic to your website.

  • Campaign Brief: Upload a detailed document that outlines your campaign plan. This could include your marketing strategy, target audience, expected results, and other relevant details. Click 'Choose File' to upload your document. You can add up to four attachments, so don't hesitate to include comprehensive information to ensure a successful campaign.

Once you've filled out these sections:

  • Click Next to proceed to the next step, where you can set up rewards and progress tracking for influencers involved in your campaign.

  • If you need to review or edit any information, click Back to return to the previous steps.

Don't worry if you can't complete everything in one go. You can always save your progress and come back later to finish up. When you're ready, submit your campaign for review, and you’ll be on your way to launching a successful marketing effort!

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