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By Ishan Jindal
March 24, 2023

Once you register, the Dashboard greets you as the home page. It offers a snapshot of your entire campaign portfolio, including the status of each campaign, applicant count, and tools to oversee campaign activities. Filters allow you to sort campaigns by their progress, and you can also check invitations awaiting your response for campaigns you've been asked to join.

Campaign List and Status

On the left side, you can filter campaigns by status:

  • All

  • Active: Approved and currently active

  • Under Review: Posted and awaiting approval

  • Draft: Saved as draft before posting

  • Paused: Temporarily on hold

  • Private: Only accessible with a link, not visible in the influencer discovery section

  • Closed: Completed or terminated

  • Rejected: Did not pass approval

  • Pending Invites: Under "Pending Invites," you'll find a rundown of campaigns you're invited to participate in, along with details of who extended the invitation and the option to either accept or decline the offer. This section does not feature a three-dot menu.

Campaign Actions Through 3 Dot Menu:

  • Actions: The three-dot menu on the far right of each campaign likely provides additional actions such as:

    • Pause Campaign: Temporarily stop the campaign activities.

    • Make Campaign Public/Private: UnHide/Hide the campaign from public view or from certain users on the platform.

    • Close Campaign: End the campaign activities and finalise all operations.

    • Share Campaign Link: Generate a link to share the campaign with others, probably for collaborative purposes.

    • View Campaign: Detailed view, similar to the 'View' link but perhaps with even more in-depth details.

    • Share Campaign Access: Allow other team members to access the campaign details.

    • Duplicate Campaign: Create a new campaign with similar settings to the existing one.

Note: The options available in the three-dot menu depend on the status of the campaign. You can learn more about each option by clicking on the respective headings below.

Note: Campaigns that are active cannot be edited.

Learn the key differences between a Public vs Private campaign

Once your campaign is approved and you have started receiving influencer applications, you can review, shortlist and hire influencers. Learn more about the same here.

Search and Filters:

  • Search Campaign: You can use this search bar to find specific campaigns by name.

  • Apply Filters: Refine your search by selecting various attributes or statuses for campaigns.

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