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Public vs Private Campaigns

Understanding the Key Differences

By Ishan Jindal
March 24, 2023

Overview of Campaign Options on Wobb:

Wobb equips brands with the capability to launch influencer marketing campaigns either as public or private, each with distinct characteristics that cater to various marketing objectives and strategies.

Public Campaigns Explained:

  • Visibility: Accessible to all Wobb's registered influencers.

  • Application Process: Influencers can freely apply via the marketplace.

  • Advantages: Offers broad visibility and attracts a wide array of influencers.

Insight into Private Campaigns:

  • Visibility: Hidden from the general Wobb marketplace.

  • Application Process: Only influencers with a direct link can view and apply.

  • Advantages: Enables a more focused approach, engaging a handpicked selection of influencers.

How to Alternate Between Campaign Models:

To Convert a Public Campaign to Private:

  • Navigate to the campaign's dashboard and click the three-dot menu.

  • Choose "Make Campaign Private."

  • To invite specific influencers, select "Copy Campaign Link" from the menu and distribute it to your chosen influencers.

To Transition a Private Campaign to Public:

  • Use the three-dot menu on the campaign’s dashboard.

  • Opt for "Make Campaign Public," making it visible to the broader influencer community on Wobb.

Comparison Table:


Public Campaigns

Private Campaigns


Open to all on Wobb

Visible only via direct link


Open to all


Primary Benefit

Wider exposure and diversity

Targeted, curated influencer pool

Leveraging the ability to switch between public and private campaigns allows for flexible marketing that is attuned to your brand's unique goals, helping to streamline your influencer collaborations on the Wobb platform.

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