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Managing Influencer Applications

By Ishan Jindal
March 26, 2023

Streamlining Influencer Hiring on Wobb: Quick Guide

For Influencer Marketing and Content Creation:

Application Management:

  • View influencer submissions by clicking 'View' on your campaign dashboard, then sort them into appropriate categories for action.

Efficient Filtering:

  • Apply filters for demographics and engagement to narrow down your influencer search. Tag profiles with custom labels to track suitability and team preferences.

Outreach and Analysis:

  • Export influencer information to an XLS file and communicate with candidates directly through Wobb's messaging feature.

Hiring and Payment Process:

  • Select influencers from your shortlist and use the 'Hire' button to initiate the hiring process, which includes a detailed summary of payments.

  • You have the option to fund initial milestones or pay the entire campaign fee upfront. For campaigns involving product refunds, provide an advance estimate of costs.

  • The Wobb Wallet will cover costs up to its current balance. If funds are low, the balance may go negative and will be automatically corrected through future auto-debits.

This streamlined approach ensures that you can easily manage influencer applications, select the best candidates, and handle payments efficiently, keeping your campaigns moving smoothly on Wobb.

For MarketPlace Review:

In the Marketplace Review module, the process is streamlined, eschewing the typical application and shortlisting steps. The influencer hiring workflow is automated for simplicity:

  • Instant Hiring Upon Submission: Influencers are automatically hired upon successfully uploading a screenshot of their product purchase, which serves as the first milestone.

  • Pre-set First Milestone: The requirement for the first milestone is clear—submit a screenshot of the product purchase. This task is pre-set and active for influencers from the outset.

  • First-Come, First-Serve Basis: Hiring is based on daily caps. Once the limit for the day is reached, the campaign pauses, closing hires for that day.

  • Consolidated 'Hired' Tab: The 'Hired' tab populates with influencers the moment their purchase screenshot is submitted, confirming their engagement in the campaign.

This process eliminates the need for manual hiring, as the submission of the purchase screenshot is the key action that triggers their automatic transition to the 'Hired' status, effectively kicking off the campaign.

This auto-hiring mechanism ensures a fair and orderly onboarding process, resuming each day until all positions are filled.

For Affiliate Marketing:

Wobb's Affiliate program is tailored to seamlessly integrate influencers into your marketing efforts:

  • Automatic Hiring for Affiliates: As participants generate affiliate links for listed products, they're automatically hired—no separate milestone submissions are needed.

  • Open Hiring Without Caps: Unlike Marketplace Review, the Affiliate program doesn't have daily hiring caps, allowing for continuous and unlimited engagement of affiliates.

  • Streamlined Process: The 'Hired' tab updates to include affiliates who create links, ensuring an ongoing and expansive collaboration.

This setup simplifies affiliate engagement by directly linking hiring status to the creation of affiliate links, ensuring an open and scalable approach to influencer marketing.

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