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Smart Inbox

By Ishan Jindal
March 26, 2023

Introduction: Wobb's Smart Inbox feature streamlines communication with influencers and improves the efficiency of your influencer marketing campaign. This knowledge base provides an overview of the Smart Inbox feature, explaining its unique benefits and functionalities.

Smart Inbox Features:

  • Direct Messaging (DM) Influencers:

    • Easily send direct messages to one or more selected influencers who have applied or been hired for your campaign.

    • Quickly address individual inquiries and provide personalised feedback.

  • Consolidated Group Chat:

    • A default chat group is automatically created for each campaign, accessible from the inbox page.

    • Hired influencers are added to the group, and those who complete the campaign or are removed due to back out are taken out of the group.

    • Interact with all influencers in one place, increasing campaign speed and efficiency.

    • Eliminates the need to manage multiple chats on email or WhatsApp, saving time and improving response times.

    • Send messages to everyone or select specific influencers in the To option when sending a message.

    • Influencers receive notifications on their app when a message is sent.

  • Privacy and One-to-One Communication:

    • Influencers cannot see other influencers in the chat group, maintaining privacy.

    • For you, it's a single channel to interact with all influencers.

    • For influencers, it's a one-to-one channel to communicate with you and your team without seeing other influencers' messages.

    • You can see messages sent by participants, notices when new members are added or when they leave the chat

    • Filtering Chat:

      • The dropdown menu at the top right corner of the chat window, labeled "Filter influencer chat," allows you to view messages from specific participants or types of activities within the group chat.

  • Chat Interaction Notifications:

    • Within the chat, there are system notifications like "added" or "exits (Campaign Completed)," which inform you about the status of the influencers in relation to the campaign.

  • Enhanced Messaging Options:

    • Send attachments, voice notes, and emojis to improve communication.

    • Use the dropdown menu on any influencer's message to quickly reply to them, automatically filling the To field with their name.

  • Benefits of Smart Inbox:

    • Streamlines communication with influencers, keeping all messages in one place.

    • Saves time by eliminating the need to manage multiple chat platforms.

    • Improves response times by centralising communication.

    • Maintains privacy by ensuring influencers don't see each other's messages.

    • Enhances messaging capabilities with attachments, voice notes, and emojis.

By leveraging Wobb's Smart Inbox feature, you can effectively manage communication with influencers, simplifying the process and ensuring a more efficient and successful influencer marketing campaign.

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