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Share Campaign Access

By Ishan Jindal
March 24, 2023

Overview of Share Campaign Access:

The Share Campaign Access option empowers marketers to bring team members on board for joint campaign management. Available through the campaign dashboard, this functionality supports varying permission levels, granting tailored access to team members, whether in-house or external, to view and interact with campaign-specific details and resources.

Benefits of Sharing Campaign Access:

Utilising Share Campaign Access contributes to:

  • Enhanced teamwork and clearer communication among marketing personnel.

  • A more cohesive approach to managing campaigns through collective involvement.

  • A unified platform for all stakeholders to access campaign insights and instruments.

  • Accelerated decision-making processes by ensuring all collaborators are updated and involved.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Access your campaign dashboard and locate the campaign you want to share.

  2. Click on the three-dot menu option located in front of the selected campaign.

  3. From the options shown, click on "Share Campaign."

Share Campaign Access:

  • Enter Contact Information: Type the email or mobile phone number of the person you want to invite in the provided field.

  • Set Permissions: Choose the permissions you want to grant to the invitee. Options include:

    • Messages: Allow them to view and send campaign-related messages.

    • Applications: Allow them to see applications from influencers.

    • Payout Information: Grant access to financial details related to the campaign.

  • Share Access: Once you've inputted the contact information and selected the desired permissions, click “Share Access” to send the invitation

Manage Invited Users:

  • View Invited Users: This tab shows a list of people who have been invited to access the campaign, along with the permissions they've been granted.

  • User Status: Next to each invited user, you can see whether their invitation is pending, accepted, or if they've joined the campaign.

  • Resend or Remove: If an invitee hasn't responded, you can resend the invitation. If you want to revoke access or cancel the invitation, you can choose to remove them.

  • Navigation: If you have invited many users, you may need to navigate through the list using the pagination controls at the bottom

Accepting the Invitation:

  • Recipients can access the shared campaign by clicking on the received invitation link. This link directs them to the sign-in or registration page.

  • After signing in, they will see the campaign included on their campaign dashboard.

    These simple steps ensure team members can easily join the campaign, fostering better collaboration on the influencer marketing platform.

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