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Milestone Management

By Ishan Jindal
March 26, 2023

Mastering the coordination of your hired influencers is key to a thriving campaign on Wobb. Our resource outlines everything you need to know about monitoring milestones, handling transactions, and approving tasks.

Influencer Marketing and Content Creation Milestone Management:

  • Milestone Tracking: Use the 'Hired' tab to oversee your influencers' progress.

  • Milestone Set-Up: Assign milestones when setting up your campaign, which might differ depending on the campaign specifics.

  • Status and Details: The interface displays each influencer's milestone completion, remaining time, specifics of the tasks, due payments, current payment status, possible actions, and any applied labels.

Milestone Instructions:

  • Clarity in Briefs: Provide clear instructions for each milestone, including any necessary links, tags, or media.

  • Brief Adjustments: You can reset and update the briefs as needed.

Milestone Activation:

  • Initial Status: Milestones start as inactive.

  • Kick-off: Activate them for selected influencers, triggering notifications and starting the countdown.

  • Payment Protocol: Activation requires payment, which is held in escrow until approval.

Milestone Approval Process:

  • Evaluation: Review submissions by viewing deliverables.

  • Approval: Confirm milestone completion to release payment to the influencer.

  • Feedback Loop: Request revisions when necessary and extend deadlines as required.

  • Auto-Approval: Be aware that milestones not reviewed within 7 days will be auto-approved.

Cancellation and Reimbursement:

  • Undoing Milestones: Cancel milestones if needed, with refunds credited back to your wallet.

  • Status Update: Cancelled milestones will be marked as such, and funds will be marked as refunded.

By adhering to these guidelines, you can manage your hired influencers with precision, ensure milestones are met and reviewed, and maintain smooth payment processes for your Wobb influencer marketing campaigns.

MarketPlace Review Milestone Management:

In Wobb's Marketplace campaigns, managing influencer milestones is streamlined with two predefined tasks: submission of a product purchase screenshot and a product review screenshot.

  • Automatic Milestone Activation: The first milestone (product purchase screenshot submission) is active by default, marking the start of an influencer's participation.

  • Sequential Hiring and Approval: Upon successful submission of the first milestone, influencers automatically move to the 'Hired' tab with a status indicating that approval is pending. The second milestone is then auto-activated upon the first one's completion.

  • Automated Approvals: Both milestones undergo automated approval processes:

    • Milestone 1: An OCR (Optical Character Recognition) system attempts to capture and fill in the order ID from the submitted screenshot, marking the submission as verified or unverified based on the success of this capture.

    • Milestone 2: Influencers are prompted with specific keywords to include in their product reviews. Submissions are flagged as verified or unverified depending on the presence of these keywords, assessed through OCR.

Automated System for Milestone Approvals:

  • Verification and Approval: A scheduled task runs twice daily to check for verified flags on submissions. It automatically approves verified submissions for Milestone 1. If Milestone 1 is already approved and marked as verified, the system proceeds to approve Milestone 2 for those verified cases.

This structured approach in Marketplace campaigns ensures a smooth transition from submission to approval, leveraging automation to enhance efficiency and accuracy in managing influencer contributions.

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