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Managing Hired Influencers

By Ishan Jindal
March 26, 2023

Effective coordination of influencers is a linchpin in your Wobb campaign’s success. Wobb equips you with "Milestone Management" and "Smart Inbox" to keep your campaign on the right track.

Milestone Management: This feature gives you a clear view and control over campaign milestones:

  • Dashboard Access: Through the 'Hired' tab, track each influencer’s milestones.

  • Real-Time Updates: See live statuses, deadlines, and required actions for each milestone.

  • Comprehensive Control: Utilize options to view details, submit feedback, request changes, or approve submissions.

  • Quick Actions: Handy CTAs like 'Pay to Activate,' 'Cancel,' 'Export Reports' or 'Message' simplify managing milestones and communication.

Smart Inbox: Centralise your communications for efficiency:

  • Direct Messaging: Send individual or group messages for clear, direct communication.

  • Convenient Filters: Sort conversations and campaign data easily with the filtering options available.

This setup, coupled with the intuitive UI as seen in your screenshot, provides a seamless experience from milestone management to influencer communication

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