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By Wobb Tech Support
April 5, 2024

The Language and Currency settings in Wobb allow you to tailor the platform to your region and language preferences, potentially influencing location-specific features. Adjusting your country setting may necessitate updates to other areas like your wallet to maintain uninterrupted operations, so it's advisable to review your account configurations after any changes to ensure they still meet your business requirements.

  • Choose Country: Click on the dropdown menu to select your country or region. This setting could affect the available features and options within the platform that are specific to your location

  • Language Settings: Use the dropdown to select your preferred language for browsing the platform. This will change the language of the user interface to the one you are most comfortable with

  • Considerations When Changing Regional Preferences:

    • Be aware that changing your country may require you to reconfigure other settings, like the Wobb Wallet settings, to ensure seamless campaign funding and transactions.

    • After making changes to your regional settings, review your account to make sure that all configurations are still aligned with your business needs.

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