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By Wobb Tech Support
April 5, 2024

The Wobb Wallet offers an automatic recharge feature that tops up your balance using a chosen payment method when it dips below a set threshold. With a straightforward activation process, you can maintain a steady wallet balance to streamline campaign postings. The Wallet Overview allows you to check current funds and auto-recharge settings, with options to modify them as needed. Additionally, a detailed Transaction History logs all financial activity, ensuring you can monitor and reconcile your wallet's transactions with ease.

Automatic Wallet Recharge:

  • This allows you to set up an auto-recharge feature for your digital wallet. When your wallet balance falls below a specified threshold, it will automatically add a set amount of funds.

  • To activate this feature, you would:

    • Click “Activate Auto-Debit”

    • Set the balance threshold (e.g., ₹100) that triggers an automatic recharge.

    • Specify the amount to be added automatically (e.g., ₹500).

    • Choose your payment method (e.g., Credit/Debit Card).

    • Agree to the terms and conditions before proceeding.

    • Click the button to activate the feature, labeled "Add & proceed to post campaign,"

Wallet Overview:

  • This  provides an overview of your wallet, including the current balance and the auto-recharge settings.

  • Here, you can:

    • View the current balance

    • See the 'Automatically Add Money' feature's status and settings, confirming that it's active and set to, for example, add ₹1,000 when the balance drops below ₹1,000.

    • If necessary, adjust the settings by clicking on the pen icon or similar to edit the auto-recharge conditions.

Wallet Transaction History:

  • This is a detailed ledger of all transactions within your wallet, providing transparency and tracking for financial activities

  • To review your transaction history, you would:

    • Look through the list to see dates, times, amounts, and descriptions for each entry.

    • Use filters to view specific types of transactions, like recharges or deductions, which can help in reconciling your accounts or understanding your spending.

    • If there are discrepancies or unexpected entries, investigate further or reach out to the platform's customer support for clarification.

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