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By Wobb Tech Support
April 5, 2024

Wobb offers seamless integration capabilities to enhance your influencer marketing campaigns. You can connect your ecommerce platform, such as Shopify, to automatically sync product information, and integrate with major online marketplaces like Amazon or Flipkart for direct access to product catalogs. Additionally, there's functionality for sharing store links for collaboration or setup assistance, as well as adding multiple stores to your account. For communication, Wobb supports email integrations with popular services like Google and Outlook, plus options for custom email server connections using IMAP/SMTP. These integrations simplify campaign management by centralising product data and streamlining communications.

  • Ecommerce Integrations:

    • Connect your E-commerce platform (like ShopiFy) to sync product data for campaigns.

    • The dropdown menu allows you to select different stores or profiles associated with your account.

  • Marketplace Integrations:

    • Integrate with large online marketplaces like Amazon or Flipkart to access product catalogs, or manage campaign-related products directly on those platforms. Click the 'Connect' button to integrate with the respective marketplace.

    • Share link & request integration: This option is used to share your Amazon store link with someone else, perhaps to request assistance with setting up the integration, or to invite a collaborator to connect their system to your store.

    • Connect new store: This allows you to add an additional store to the platform. This could be useful if you operate multiple stores on Amazon or other marketplaces

  • Email Integrations:

    • Connect with email services like Google or Outlook for managing communication.

    • The IMAP/SMTP option is for custom email server integrations, which could be used for sending bulk emails or streamlining communication with influencers.

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