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Glossary of Terms

By Ishan Jindal
November 21, 2023

Glossary of Terms



Definition: An individual who can influence potential buyers by promoting or recommending products or services on social media platforms.

Marketing Campaigns

Definition: Organized strategies implemented by a brand to achieve specific goals, such as raising product awareness or capturing customer feedback.

Influencer Payouts

Definition: Financial compensation provided to influencers for their promotional efforts on behalf of a brand.

Influencer Database

Definition: A comprehensive collection of influencer profiles, often including audience demographics, engagement rates, and content interests.

Audience Demographics

Definition: Statistical data that describes the characteristics of an influencer’s audience, including age, gender, location, and preferences.

Fake Follower Counts

Definition: The number of inauthentic followers on an influencer's social media account, typically used to inflate their influence artificially.

Engagement Rates

Definition: A measure of the level of audience interaction with an influencer’s content, indicated by likes, comments, shares, etc.

Creator Marketplace

Definition: An online platform where influencers can find and apply to participate in marketing campaigns initiated by brands.

Campaign Brief

Definition: A detailed outline that specifies the objectives, expectations, and guidelines of a marketing campaign for influencers.

Analytics Dashboard

Definition: A digital tool that provides insights and real-time metrics on the performance of marketing campaigns.

Content Approval and Management

Definition: The process of overseeing and organizing the content produced by influencers for marketing campaigns.

Secure Payment Gateway

Definition: A digital system ensuring the safe and secure processing of financial transactions for influencer payments.


Definition: Specific objectives or targets within a marketing campaign, often associated with influencer compensation.

Campaign Analytics

Definition: The study and assessment of various metrics related to a marketing campaign’s performance, such as clicks, conversion rates, and sales.

Affiliate Sales Tracker

Definition: A tool used for monitoring sales that are generated as a result of an influencer's marketing efforts in affiliate programs.

Smart Inbox

Definition: A feature designed to streamline and organize communications between brands and influencers.

GDPR Compliance

Definition: The adherence to the General Data Protection Regulation, ensuring proper handling of personal information from individuals in the European Union.

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